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How to grow Pineberry and Framberry plant's

Mow it Sow it Grow it - How to grow Pineberry and Framberry plants Easy to grow, taste amazing, Pineberry and Framberry plants are the most sought after fruit for any gardener.

They can be grown in a wide variety of soils, from light sand to heavy clay from March until September. Waterlogging will cause the fruits to become diseased and the plant to rot so should be avoided. The ideal soil is well-drained and rich. They prefer to be planted in sun, out of the wind, watered regularly and after flowers appear a liquid feed will help to produce even more of these delicious fruits. After fruiting, they can be left outside - UK weather hardy.

Pineberry plants can produce fruit for four years and the beds used for growing are usually fine for two or three years before they need to be cleared and planted in new soil.

How to plant
Prepare the soil by digging over, removing any perennial weeds and adding manure.
Place the plants every 30cm in rows that are 30 cm apart.
Plant with the crown at soil level and water well.
Check the plants every other day during the ripening period.

Growing tips
Regularly hoe between the rows and individual plants.
From May place straw in the rows and under the fruit to suppress weeds and prevent the fruit lying on the ground.
If you can't get straw use polythene sheeting.
Well rotted horse manure applied just after winter and once more just before growing will ensure a great crop.
Pick regularly to encourage growth.


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