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Strawberry 'Snow White'
- the inside out strawberry

These were introduced to our range last year and sold out in weeks
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How do you grow these fruits?
Really simple to grow and are UK winter hardy! This unique and highly unusual fruit is like a strawberry in reverse, with snow white flesh and bright red pips.

How many strawberries does each plant provide?

Like all our plants they are simple to grow and require no special attention. From year one you will enjoy delicious fruit that will double in productivity year on year.

How much are your Snow White strawberries plants?

For two healthy Snow White Strawberry plants £15.00 (including
1st class P&P).

All plants will be provided in 10cm plastic pots. Beware of cheaper, poorer quality bare rooted plants.

When will you send your orders?
Orders are normally sent every Wednesday by 1st class post. We use recycled packaging for all our orders.

Can I order more than 6 plants or a combination of your plants?
Yes - please contact us or use the order form above

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